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Welcome on my site :: Peter Schaefer - Singer/Songwriter and Guitar player

welcome on my website!

I am a German Singer and Songwriter. My songs are either in English, German or Italian. After having lived in Dresden, Trento, Berlin, Paris and Venice during the last years, I once again live in Germany.

On these pages you can find information about me and my roots, my music and upcoming live performances. Furthermore you have now the the possibility to download my music at jamendo.com. Learn more in the music section.

If you want to contact or simply leave me message, please write me on Facebook or on Soundcloud.


2 July 2014

I keep on moving. Slowly but surely I am resuming to give concerts. On the 2 August 1914 I will play two concerts in Bernartice in Czech Republic. At 10 a.m. I will play in front of the ancient Church of St. Rosalia and at 7:30 p.m. at the Bernfest, a festival which the town hosts every year in summer. I am looking forward to this opportunity and I am eager to play some of my new songs in the Czech Republic!

20 December 2013

I have updated my website thoroughly and added a page on early music and opera experiences. The project page will be updated next year. But the real news is that I have put the full album Into the light on jamendo as a christmas present for all my fans. Please enjoy 12 unpublished songs. I wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!

2 December 2013

This summer I have recorded some new songs, which allows me to put a new album together. On my new Soundcloud you can hear 4 new tracks - the "Into the light EP". I also created a Facebook artist page to make communication easier. I would like to thank Andrea for the recording and the photos of Franz and me. I hope to play some concerts next year.

3 May 2012

I am back! After some interesting, but also difficult years in France and Germany, where I learned a lot about renaissance music, I returned to songwriting and life performances. Lately I have written "Let it bleed" and "Higher than the sky", which still have to be recorded. I am also working on a new website and a Facebook Artist Page, so expect some changes. On May, 5 I will perform at the street festival "Il fiume che non c'" in via San Martino in Trento.

21 May 2009

After moving to Paris, I was very busy with learning French and with the reading for my doctorate. So I did not perform much and my songwriting activity declined a bit. But I am now singing in a French choir Le Madrigal de Paris and I started to take opera singing lessons. I also uploaded my latest album "Rainy weather" to Jamendo.

17 March 2008

This year I have participated at the Arezzo Wave Festival with my new band Hangman's Jury. We are Johannes (guitar), Carlo (drums), Massimo (bass) und me (Vocals, guitar). Our music was a success, which means that half a year of practice were well invested. On April 8 I will have a performance in the Osteria Trentina. And on May 11 we will have another concert with the band. I have uploaded my newest song "I'll tell you something" in the music section. Happy Easter!

27 November 2008

I uploaded another CD at Jamendo, which I have recorded with Johannes Escher. I will also play on December 11 with Elisa Pisetta in the Osteria Trentina. We will do a new cover program and hope that you will like it.

24 September 2007

After a summer full of events (I finally finished my studies and enrolled for a PhD program), I took some time to update my website. The most important change consists of the fact that it is now possible to download my music at Jamendo. Moreover, I have created the musicians section Musicians where I introduce you to the people which have played with me.

23 March 2007

I made a short videoclip of the last time I was recording with Andrea Cristofori. The guitarist who accompanies me in "Strandgedanken" is Ulrich Sandner who appears after ca. 20 seconds in the clip. "Strandgedanken" is German and means "Thoughts of the beach". Here is the link to download the video.

28 February 2007

Together with Elisa Pisetta I will participate at the selection of the Arezzo Wave Festival. We will play the 15th of march at the Gasoline Bar in Trento. We will start around 22 o'clock, being one of the last bands to play. I invite you to come and see us, in fact your sustain would be very helpful!

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